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filter shower for hard water

Why You Must Use a filter shower  for Hard Water Filter

Have you ever thought of filtering the water that is coming out of the shower head called a filter shower ? Most probably not. Households are mostly concerned only with the water they drink from the tap, which is why they use water filters. But what about with shower heads? You won’t be wondering why there are times that your skin feels dry or itchy? That is because of the germs are already doing their work on your skin. But that is not the only issue you are going to face when you are not using hard water filter. Below are some reasons why you should be getting your own hard water filter.

The body may absorb more chlorine through showering compared to drinking water

This may sound counterintuitive, but shower filters with chlorinated water can result in more absorption of chlorine than drinking water that is chlorinated. This is because people usually shower through warm temperatures, making absorption even easier. shower filters is also in contact in the biggest area of the body, as well. Research reveals that chlorinated water in the shower can enter the bloodstream since its molecular weight is low, plus it can easily pass within the body.

shower filters Chlorine also easily interacts with other matter present in the water, which often results in forming of harmful byproducts such as THM or trihalomethanes. One of the THM is the chloroform, which is widely used by criminal syndicates that causes the victims passing out. The good thing is filter shower water that, this is not found in shower water at high amounts that can cause big problems, but at the same time it is not good to come into contact with it almost every day.

Water from the showers releases chemicals in to the air within the home

filter shower water How does that happen? Take for example with scented candles – they release paraffin and harmful fragrances in the air. Little to households know that they are the major source of air pollution indoor. Cleaning chemicals and air fresheners are also a part of that major source, but not a lot of people realize that shower water is also included in the list.

The shower filter shower water water’s heat can vaporize the chemicals and get released into the air in much higher amounts that they were present in the water. EPA found out that there are detectable and significant levels of many byproducts, including THMs in the indoor air as the result of the shower and bath water.

Chemicals present in shower water can cause harm and irritate the skin

Heard of microbiome? It is not only found in the gut. It is true that there are benefits that you’ll get from such a bacteria when they remain in your gut, but there are biomes that are lesser known in the body, which are those in the skin and mouth.

If you follow logic, showering with a disinfectant agent such as chlorine that is proven to reduce bacteria in water may provide a good impact on the skin biome. Many of these effects of the beneficial bacteria are not seen by the naked eye and people will not notice these effects. However, some will experience irritation, eczema or dry skin.